Our Immigration lawyer’s office (Gyosei-shoshi) is located in Omotesando, one of Tokyo’s most pleasant and popular neighbourhoods.

Our office provides assistance with the creation of companies and with the procedures for obtaining or extending visas for residence status needed by foreign nationals. We also provide other services for start-ups and more established SMEs. These include helping new businesses obtain the appropriate licences and permits and advising on copyright management and registration. To find out more about the full range of our work, please visit our Services page.



Gyosei-shoshi Lawyer
Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist
Registered No. 22080411
Member of The French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan
Member of Japan Management Consultant Association
Certified copyright counsellor

These days, many foreign nationals come to Japan, fascinated by high-quality Japanese products, pop culture (such as animation, manga, and games), and an expanding knowledge of traditional Japanese culture. 

Some say, “I want to come to Japan to study” others say, “I dream of working in Japan”. As a result, they study Japanese, which is a hard language to learn, hoping to play an active role in daily life in Japan. I think this is very important for our country’s future, and I really want to encourage and support this. I hope that brilliant and promising students studying in Japan will choose to stay here after graduation and find employment or start a business here. I want to encourage these talented and promising individuals to choose Japan over other international opportunities they may have in Asia.

This provides a strong stimulus to the Japanese economy by introducing points of view and ideas that have developed in completely different cultures, and awakens the young Japanese who are described as homogeneous or conformists and so-called ‘inward looking’.

As a first step, I have set up YW Legal with the desire to support foreigners who dream of playing an active role in Japan or even starting a business here.


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