About fees (Tax excluded)

Setting up a company

CategoryFeesRevenue stamps
Establishment of Kabushiki-kaisha (joint stock corporation)¥100,000~Please ask
Establishment of Godo Kaisha (limited liability company)¥70,000~Please ask
Establishment of general incorporated association¥120,000~Please ask

Visa/residence status

CategoryFeesRevenue stamps
Business Manager using Tokyo Start-up scheme (plus tax, necessary expenses)¥200,000~X
Business Manager (business owners, managers, etc.) Plus tax, necessary expenses¥150,000~X
Engineer / Specialist in Humanities / International Services (mechanical engineers, interpreters, designers, language teachers in private company, workers in marketing business etc.)¥100,000~X
Intra-Company Transferee¥100,000~X
Application for issuance of a Certificate of Eligibility¥150,000~X
Application for change of status of residence¥150,000~¥4,000
Application for extension of period of stay(without change)¥50,000~¥4,000
Application for extension of period of stay(with change)¥100,000~¥4,000
Application for permission for permanent residence¥150,000¥8,000
Application for permission to engage in an activity other than those permitted by the status of residence previously granted¥20,000~X
Application for issuance of a Certificate of Authorisation for Employment (with change)¥100,000~¥1,200
Application for reissuance of a residence card (Tokyo only)¥20,000~¥1,600
Application for naturalisation permission (It is to be applied to Legal Affairs Bureau or Regional Bureau of Legal Affairs that has jurisdiction)¥250,000~X

About payment

The fees listed here are approximate. They vary according to individual cases, so please contact us first.
The payment process is largely the same as for an application for residence status, as described below.

Visa/residence status

  • As a first step, if you have any inquiries, contact the office (email is preferable as it avoids any misunderstanding over the phone). YW Legal will then set up an initial consultation in Omotesando area or online whichever is most convenient for you. 
  • The consultation fee is 5,000 yen per 30 minutes. Please kindly make an initial payment of 5,000 yen in advance through PayPal or a bank transfer. You will be then sent the full details of the meeting place or the link (URL) for an online meeting via Zoom*(1), by email.
  • If the initial consultation exceeds 30 minutes, then payment can be made in cash for additional time. These charges (5,000 yen per 30 minutes), are payable at the end of the meeting.  Normally meetings do not exceed one hour. 
  • The initial consultation fee of 5,000 yen, will be deducted if you sign a contract with the office to undertake further work.
  • After working out the details of your requirements, the office will send you an estimate by email. Please note that sales or consumption tax (Shohi-zei) is not included on the fees charged by YW Legal.
  • If you are satisfied, we will sign a contract. A deposit of 50% of the total fee needs to be paid on signing. As soon as YW Legal confirms receipt of the payment, the office will start preparing the necessary documents.
  • When the documents are completed, the office will submit them to Immigration Services Agency of Japan. You normally do not need to go there yourself*(2). 

*(1) You can download the latest version of Zoom here: https://zoom.us/download. If you do not wish to have a Zoom account, Zoom will also work as a web app, so that when you click on the link for the online meeting the Zoom web app will launch enabling you to join the meeting with the login and passcode provided in the invitation. Zoom will work on PC, Mac or tablets such as iPhone or iPad.

  • YW Legal will update you on progress. When our office receives notification that the Immigration Services have completed their work on your application, you will be informed by email. You will be asked to pay the balance of your fees to YW Legal at this point. After confirmation of receipt of payment, the office will send back your passport and the new card with the required residence status by registered mail.

*(2)On a small number of occasions, depending on the type of residence status you require, you may need to attend the Immigration Services. If attendance is requested then YW Legal are happy to accompany clients to these appointments and provide any assistance.

Additional Costs

Applicants will be asked to cover the costs of expenses such as revenue stamps and these costs are not included in the fees. The estimate prepared by YW Legal, after the initial consultation, will include a summary of these additional costs. 

Refunds of Fees

No refunds will be given if any application to the Immigration Services Agency of Japan is refused unless caused by an error on the part of YW Legal. 

In the case of a refusal, you can visit Immigration Services and ask for clarification of the reasons why your application was refused. Only one visit is allowed and the applicant must attend in person. As a certified immigration lawyer, however, YW Legal can accompany you at your request for an additional cost.